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Today’s ATM / EPOS customers expect value, higher service levels, and broader service offerings and they are willing to switch rapidly to the banks that provide them.

Amware can deliver powerful solutions using combinations of packaged systems and custom applications . Below is some of the ATM / EPOS work we have carried out during our careers.

ATM Tools

Design and development of PC based self service tools to allow easy customisation of your ATM.

ATM Applications

Upgrade of ATM application, NDC+,  to next version. Added ability of developers to customize base software via addition of custom DLLs. Added accessibility support. PLM and C utilized on OS2.

Implementation of NDC+ Exits applications. C on OS2.

Utilization and creation of ActiveXFS controls with VB on Windows NT and XP for use within the Aptra Edge platform.


Smart Cards - development of application software to credit / debit electronic purses via online certificate exchange and by SAM authorization.

E-commerce  - development of application software to allow internet based transactions via an ATM


Automated petrol pump swipe systems with credit/debit card transaction handling hosts.

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